Attention: Graduating Senior Parents

Dear Parents of our Graduating Seniors:

We are only three weeks away from graduation! It is so hard to believe! Hopefully, your students are finishing the school year well.
I wanted to provide some details for you in regard to planning for graduation:
1. Graduation Rehearsal will be at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13th. Seniors need to report to the designated space on the breezeway. These will be marked and admin will be there to guide them. We must maintain our social distancing requirements so there will be no parents allowed at the rehearsal.
2. Decorating for Graduation will be done on Thursday. Susan Burger and Gina Hollen are coordinating this with any parents who want to help (less than 10 total) so please contact them for information.
3. Graduates need to be at the school on Thursday no later than 5:30, dressed in cap and gown and in their designated spot.
4. We will have two people taking pictures of every student. We will have several pictures available to each family. It will be difficult to refrain from getting out of your vehicle but we want to honor the guidelines given to us. We promise to take pictures as if we are mom and dad!
5. Attendees (family) may arrive on 14th Street leading into the field and await Officer Green showing them to a space. There will not be marked spaces. It will be first come, first park. The field will be open for parking at 5:15 p.m. Every spot should be a great spot.
6. The FM Station will be given to you in advance so you may tune into the ceremony. The live stream information will also be given in advance so any not in attendance may view.
Important: Following the ceremony, there will be a senior parade through the Town of Dolores. We will ask the seniors to go to their family car and get into it. Officer Green will escort the cars along with a full first responder escort down Central Ave. and then back up Main Street. The seniors may then be dropped at their own vehicles.
We have many individuals working on different aspects of the graduation. Please feel free to email me, Mr. Schmitt, or Mrs. Hollen if you have questions. We want to take all of your needs into consideration so please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us. This is sure to be an exciting night for everyone!
Mrs. Richard