Board Meeting Highlights – June 11 Meeting

The Dolores School Board met last Thursday night for their monthly meeting. The following were highlights of the meeting:

  • Financial Workshop was held one hour prior to the regular meeting to discuss the fiscally emergent situation in our state. The board heard from the superintendent and finance director as they presented their plan to decrease the overall budget by 9%. The board provided some additional thoughts on reworking positions and priorities. They decided to continue the discussion in a work session this coming Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
  • The board took time to recognize the ten years of service from Kelly Howerton, elementary principal. The June meeting was her last meeting in fulfilling her responsibilities to the district. She was presented with a plaque, gift, card, and flowers.
  • The board heard a full presentation from the architectural firm, RATIO on the site selection process and decision. The presentation detailed the three properties under consideration for purchase. The site selection group recommended based on their research and rubric, the property located at 29733 Highway 184, Dolores. It is 1.5 miles from the current campus. There was no action taken from the board after the presentation.
  • In May, the board typically conducts their annual self evaluation. Due to the need to focus on the financial concerns, the board tabled this exercise until the June meeting. The board reviewed their self-evaluation briefly and determined to include discussion in their upcoming work session on July 9th.
  • The superintendent gave a report on the progress of the re-opening plans in the fall. The plans are now in draft form and will be proofread soon pending board approval. The plan will present a “near” normal return and a contingency plan should the coronavirus resurface in our area.
  • The board moved to postpone any approval of next year’s budget until the School Finance Act is passed through our State legislature and we have final numbers. They anticipate doing this at the end of June.
  • The timeline for the building project was discussed at length. The board took no action and added it to the agenda of their work session on July 9th.
  • The board did approve 3-2 to keep the “Resolution to Grant Emergency Powers and Suspend policies in order to Address COVID-19 Issues” through August and then reconsider at that time.
  • The elementary principal was approved. Ms. Lurleen McCormick will fill the role of elementary principal. She has a wonderful career in education and has been recently serving in Jefferson County as an assistant principal.

The board plans to address the following in the July 9 work day:

  1. Update the Strategic Plan
  2. Discuss Finances for the Future
  3. Legislative Items that will Impact our District
  4. Providing more Community Outreach and Possible Town Hall
  5. Phasing of the Building Project
  6. Board Self-Evaluation
  7. Current Facilities Aging Reports, Needed Repairs and Refurbishing

The board now has a tab on the website for citizens to send their comments and thoughts. The sender may choose if it is anonymous. Please see the link: