DHS Knowledge Bowl Competitions End

On May 1, 2021, Dolores High School was honored to compete in the first ever Tri-State Nationals Knowledge Bowl Tournament. This tournament had 39 teams from 3 states. All three states, Colorado, Minnesota and Washington, came with brains ready. Students came with brains set to kill, not just stun. Our Dolores Bears fought valiantly but in the end were just outmatched. Tough teams and tough questions made for an honorable battle of wits and knowledge. The Dolores Brainy Bears went down swinging and finished towards the bottom, yet there were no heads hung low. Heads and spirits were high for they had a wonderful season of Knowledge Bowl competition. These wisdom warriors had experiences to look back on and memories to relish for years to come. Most of our knights of knowledge will return to do battle next year. They also hope to acquire a few more worthy men and women to join their team. They also will have to endure the loss of Senior Camden Malloy. The team wishes him good luck on his new adventure. The team wishes to thank all those you have supported them, on this amazing voyage.  Special thanks to Colorado Knowledge Bowl, Dolores High School, Dolores District Office, Susan Burger, all parents, teachers and friends who have cheered us on and supported us this amazing year.
Tyler Nielson

MS/HS Knowledge Bowl Coach