March Regular Board Meeting Highlights

The Dolores School Board met for an early work session in the March regular meeting. The purpose of the work session was to discuss future building plans which included whether the district continue to repair buildings, remodel, or look at other options. The board also discussed having some experts from CDE and financial advisors come in and talk to the board about the different options facing these important decisions. No decisions were made in the work session.

  • The elementary student council members were recognized in the meeting. Each one read a description of their office and the sponsor gave a few words. Their principal awarded them all with a certificate. Following the elementary student council, the secondary students of the month were recognized.
  • The Director of Curriculum and Assessment presented the mid-year achievement report. This followed the NWEA Maps testing and the DIBELS assessments which were given in the schools. The report showed that the overall affects of the COVID regulations had the greatest impact on the secondary students. The math scores were also noted as an area to target needed strength.
  • The superintendent presented the preliminary work that has gone into a plan for Fridays next year. These will again be shared at a Town Hall on March 16th. Also, a comprehensive plan for compensating the employees was also presented.
  • Operation Graduation, a committee who plans and prepares for an after-graduation event for our seniors, presented to the school board. Seniors representing their class also gave a plea for the board’s help in raising money for this event. The board committed to give Operation Graduation $1,500 toward this wonderful event.
  • The board also discussed some of their concerns with administrators serving as coaches. The direct policy relating to this is now under review and revision and will be open for public review in the district offices shortly.
  •  The board approved the staff proposals as well as the certified contracts with a step raise.
  • The Town of Dolores is asking the district to consider annexing all of their property into the Town boundaries. Currently, part of the property actually sits in the county. The board moved to have additional work done on clarifying and specifying that request.

Other important items were also discussed. For a more detailed account of the meeting, please see the minutes once they are approved. Also, the district office or the superintendent are always available to our public.

Link to minutes: