News Release – Secondary Principal Update

The Dolores School District RE-4A Board of Education met last night and appointed Mrs. Lis Richard the current superintendent the interim secondary principal. They asked that the application process is closed in order for the distractions to be limited and the focus remain on leading the secondary school. Mrs. Richard has many years experience as a principal and will serve in both roles for the next 7 months.

The application process will begin again in January 2020 and the committee selected will start a new search for the next principal. The board will also have time to put together a better process for selecting the committee and final candidates.

Mrs. Richard will be in the secondary school four days out of five each week (unless needed at the school). She will continue to handle all responsibilities and see parents and community in the same fashion. Mrs. Richard has managed staff as large as this district and enrollment larger. It is sure to be a challenge but the board has confidence this was the right decision for our staff and students.