These are certainly uncharted times for all of us. The district leadership is working nonstop to put measures in place to help meet the needs of your children. The leadership team will meet Monday morning to finalize plans. We will also host a virtual meeting with all staff on Tuesday. Following both meetings, detailed communication will follow to all stakeholders.
Here are the items we are currently addressing:
  • Formulating plans to move to an online platform for student learning. This cannot happen until the meetings are held next week and information is given to families.
  • Working on a time to allow students to secure their belongings. This will be done in a careful and staggered manner.
  • Putting together plans for students without access to technology. (This includes computers and hot spots for Wi-Fi.)
  • Working with the county on food for families who need this. Once a plan is in place, we will place information on the website.
  • Students on special education plans will receive compensatory services. This is currently in process and under careful formulation. These services will begin on March 30th.
Superintendents have been asked to prepare to finish the school year without students in the school buildings. The governor has NOT given this as an order as of today, March 19th. Hopefully, this will not be the case; however, we are planning accordingly. 
It is my desire to provide information to you as it is received. Thank you for your patience as we work to provide the very best options for your children’s education. We take our responsibilities to you very seriously. We are dedicated to you and your children and will stay on top of communication.
Many parents have still not downloaded our school app. Please pass the word along to others about this important medium of instant communication.
Partnering for your children,
Mrs. Lis Richard