Re-Entry Plans for August Underway

We are currently working on the re-entry plans for August. It is our hope to have a final document on the website before the end of the month. This has been our process so far:

  1. An advisory group of 18 individuals has been formed. The advisory group is made up of parents, staff, administration and board representation.
  2. Advisory group is divided into five teams and each team has a specific area of responsibility to cover within the plan.
  3. The week of June 1, the teams will meet together and work on their drafts.
  4. The week of June 8, our proofreading team will begin working on the drafts.
  5. Mid-June, the board will receive a copy of the draft to begin reading and reviewing.
  6. It is yet undetermined if the board will convene a meeting; however, we still hope to have a draft document on line by the end of the month. With the draft, there will be ample opportunity and feedback links for parents to offer their input. Once the plan is completely finalized, it will be noted as such on the website.

The advisory group is using the following two links as their major resource as well as the CDC and Montezuma County Public Health:

We are committed to doing what is best for all students and staff in the upcoming year. It is our hope that the coronavirus will subside and we can return to a more normal setting; however, we are very aware that it is not the case at this time. Our plans will involve the health, safety and well being of all of our stakeholders as our primary focus.

Working with you,

Lis Richard, Superintendent