Dolores Policy Section G Personnel

Section G contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on all school employees except for the superintendent (policies in Section C, General Administration). Section G is divided into three main divisions: GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and GD refers to support or classified staff.
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GBA Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity
GBAA Sexual Harassment
GBAA-R Sexual Harassment (Grievance Procedure)
GBB Staff Involvement in Decisionmaking
GBD-E-1 Support Staff Letter of Employ
GBEA Staff Ethics/ Conflict of Interest
GBEA-E Staff Ethics/ Conflict of Interest
GBEB Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)
GBEB-R Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)
GBEBA Staff Dress Code
GBEBC Gifts to & Solicitations by Staff
GBEC Alcohol & Drug-Free Workplace
GBEC-E Employee Acknowledgement Form Drug-Free Workplace
GBEE Staff use of the Internet & Electronic Communications
GBEE-E Staff Use of the Internet & Electronic Communications Use Agreement
GBG Liability of School Personnel/Staff Protection
GBGA Staff Health (And Physical & Mental Health Examination Requirements)
GBGA-R Staff Health (Staff Members with HIV/AIDS/Communicable Diseases)
GBGAA Staff Training in Crisis Prevention & Management
GBGAB First Aid Training
GBGB Staff Personal Security & Safety
GBGD Worker's Compensation
GBGD-R Worker's Compensation
GBGE Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave
GBGF Federally-Mandates Family & Medical Leave
GBGF-R Federally-Mandated Family & Medical Leave
GBGG Annual Leave
GBGG-R Staff Sick Leave (Sick Leave Bank)
GBGI Staff Military Leave
GBGJ Staff Bereavement Leave
GBGK Staff Legal Leave
GBGL Staff Victim Leave
GBJ Personnel Records & Files
GBJA Disclosure of Information to Prospective Employers
GBK Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances
GBK-R Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances
GC Professional Staff
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCB Professional Staff Contracts & Compensation
GCB-E-1 Teacher Contract
GCB-E-3 Alternative Teacher Contract
GBC-E-2 Administrator Contract
GCBA Instructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBA-E-1 Certified Salary Schedule BA
GCBA-E-1 Certified Salary Schedule MA
GCBA-E-2 Extra Curricular Pay for Coaches, Sponsors & Commitee Members
GCBA-E-3 Administrative Staff Salary/Compensation
GCBA-R Instructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBC Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans/ Overtime
GCBD Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCCAB Instructional Staff Emergency Leave
GCCAG Instructional Staff Extended Leave of Absence
GCCAH Staff Emergency Response Leave
GCCAH-R Staff Emergency Response Leave
GCCB Administrative Staff Leave & Absences
GCD Professional Staff Vacations & Holidays
GCE-GCF Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GCE-GCF-R Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GCFA Hiring of Instructional Staff/Portability of Nonprobationary Status
GCG-E Part-time & Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCG-GCGA Part-time & Substitute Professional Staff Employment/Qualifications of Substitute Staff
GCGC Job Sharing in Professional Staff Positions
GCGC-R Job Sharing in Professional Staff Positions
GCGC Professional Staff Supplemnetary Pay Plans/Overtime
GCHA-GCHB Mentor Teachers/Administrators
GCHC Professional Staff Induction Program
GCI Professional Staff Development
GCID Professional Staff Training, Workshops & Conferences
GCID-E Workshop/Conference Request Form
GCKA Instructional Staff Assignments & Transfers
GCKAA Teacher Displacement
GCKAA-R Teacher Displacement
GCM Professional Staff Workload
GCO Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
GCO-R Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
GCOA-R Evaluation of Instructional Staff
GCOA-E-1 Licensed Teacher Evaluation Plan
GCOA-E-1 Certified Evaluation Observation Form cover-p7
GCOA-E-1 Certified Evaluation (Self Evaluation) p 17-21
GCOA-E-1 Certified Evaluation p 22-29
GCOA-E-2 Guidance Councelor Summative Evaluation
GCOA-E-3 Library Media Specialist Summative Evaluation
GCOC-E Principal Summative Evaluation
GCOE Evaluation of Evaluators
GCQA Instructional Staff Reduction in Force
GCQA-R Instructional Staff Reduction in Force
GCQC-GCQD Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff
GCQC-GCQD-R Resignation of Instructional staff/Administrative Staff
GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff
GCQEA Voluntary Early Retirement of Staff Members
GCQEB Supplemental Employment of Retired Professional Staff Members
GCQF Discipline, Suspension & Dismissal of Professional Staff (And Contract Nonrenewal)
GCQF-R Discipline, Suspension & Dismissal of Professional Staff (Mandatory Reporting Requirements)
GCR Non School Employment of Professional Staff
GCRD Tutuoring for Pay
GCS Professional Research & Publishing
GD Support/Classified Staff
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDA-E Business Manager Job Description
GDA-E3 Transportation Coordinator Job Description
GDA-E4 Preschool Director Job Description
GDA-E5 Bus Driver Job Description
GDA-E6 Preschool Teacher Job Description
GDA-E7 Paraprofessional Job Description
GDA-E8 Operations & Maintenance Director Job Description
GDA-E9 Custodian Job Description
GDA-E10 Assistant Principal/Athletice Director Job Description
GDA-E11 Secondary Principal Job Description
GDA-E12 Elementary Principal Job Description
GDA-E13 K-12 Registrar Job Description
GDA-E14 Cafeteria Cook Job Description
GDA-E15 School Nurse Job Description
GDA-E16 HS MS Secretary Job Description
GDA-E17 Elem Secretary Job Description
GDA-E18 Superintendent Secretary Job Description
GDA-E19 Payroll Specialist/Bookkeeper Job Description
GDA-E20 Secondary Counselor Job Description
GDA-E21 Elementary Dean of Students Job Description
GDA-E22 Gifted Education Facilitator/Coordinator PK-12 Job Description
GDA-E23 Secondary Dean of Students Job Description
GDA-E24 Athletic Director Job Description
GDA-E25 Title I Teacher Job Description
GDAA Title I Paraprofessional
GDB-E-1 Letter of Employment
GDB-E-2 Business Manager Contract
GDB-E-3 Technolgy Director
GDB-E-7 Transportation Coordinator
GDBA Support Staff salary schedule
GDBA-E1 Para, Secretary Salary Schedule
GDBA-E2 Food Service Salary Schedule
GDBA-E3 Preschool Salary Schedule
GDBA-E4 Transportation Salary Schedule
GDBA-E5 Maintenance Salary Schedule
GDBA-E6 District Business Office Salary Schedule
GDBA-R Support Staff Salary Schedule
GDBC Support Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime
GDBD Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDD Support Staff Vacation
GDE-GDF-R Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring
GDE-GDF Staff hiring
GDFB Support Staff Selection Process
GDG Part-time Substitute Support Staff Employment
GDJ Support Staff Assignments & Transfers
GDK Support Staff Schedules & Calendars
GDM Support Staff Career Development
GDMD Support Staff Continueing Education Classified Compensation Plan
GDMD-E Classified Compensation Plan Application for Participation
GDO Evaluation of Support/Classified Staff
GDO-E Support Staff Evaluation Form
GDO-E1 Nurse Evaluation Form
GDO-E2 Director Summative Evaluation
GDO-E3 Paraprofessional Summative Evaluation
GDO-E5 Bus Driver Evaluation
GDO-E6 Preschool Staff Evaluation
GDO-R Evaluation of Support/Classified Staff
GDQB Resignation of Support Staff
GDQC Retirement of Support Staff
GDQD Discipline, Suspension & Dismissal of Support Staff