Update on Important Decisions

Our school board has taken our community input very seriously. In the last board meeting on November 18, the board voted to wait on a decision in regard to the different options for District Facilities until the new board members are sworn in and able to vote. They also voted to put a survey out to all of the registered voters in the Dolores District. The survey will address the different options the board is considering and gather input on the voter’s choices.

The survey was developed by the board along with a letter of explanation. It will be mailed by the end of this week with a self-addressed stamped envelope. It is our hope surveys will be back in enough time to formulate a report to the board by their December meeting. At that time, the board will make their decision on the direction we will take from the different options. See attached link to the letter: (Letter to Voters Page 2)

As superintendent, I would like to state that my desire is to provide information to the school board and transparency in all information to our community. There have been some concerned that I have allowed my biased or personal feelings to show. I need to remain unbiased and professional. My heart’s desire is to see our students and staff have the best opportunity for learning, growing, and succeeding. The location is not a factor in providing those opportunities they stem from good leadership and a nurturing education. I will do better for the community in leaving my opinions at “the door” and listening intently to your many thoughts and feelings. It is a privilege to work with all of you on navigating this journey. Whatever decisions are made by our school board will be my template to work from in the next few years. Each decision brings tremendous challenge.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.