Dolores School District Bullying Plan and Reporting Form

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The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. Any behavior that threatens the safety of our students will not be tolerated. Safe School Violations will be directed to the principals and handled with immediacy. Safe School violations (See all JICDE Board Policies) are defined as any behavior that threatens the general safety and welfare of the district, its’ students or staff. More specifically any behavior that:

  • causes physical harm
  • damages property
  • is of a sexual nature or
  • is proven to be bullying (Board Policy JKD/JKE-E)

Researchers and legal experts define bullying as any purposeful, unwanted, mean or hurtful behavior that happens:

  1.  Over time
  2. And where there is an Imbalance of Power (Olweus, 1993, p.9, 73; What is Bullying, 2022)

Any safe school violation can be a part of bullying behavior. Board policies that specifically address harassment and discrimination, which are also repeated, purposeful and unwanted behaviors (See JICDE Board Policy), fall under the bullying umbrella. They are legal terms that focus on specific reasons a person may be targeted. These reasons have, over time, received express legislation protecting them (i.e. race, religion, gender, sexual identity, etc.). But bullying in all its forms and for any reason is against the law. (Colorado State AG, pp. 33-40). The Dolores anti-bullying plan will address all forms of bullying. It will address, but not focus on, any one specific reason a person gets targeted. The anti-bullying plan will also address, but not focus on, the specific means by which the bullying is delivered (i.e. physical, relational, or cyber). All forms of bullying for any reason will be addressed and stopped with immediacy. The focus will be on proactively preventing the bullying behavior, and on stopping the perpetrators when it does occur. We will also work together with parents and community to provide post investigation supports and effective plans to restore health and well-being to both targets and perpetrators.