Transportation Director


Phone: (970) 882-2649
Address: 17631 Hwy 145, Dolores, CO 81323


The following media will broadcast information on school closings or changes in schedules:

KVFC/KRTZ Radio Station – Cortez 740 AM – 98.7 FM (6:00 am is the earliest)
KREZ Durango Cable Ch. 13 Translator Ch. 33


Emergency closing and delayed start of schools for inclement weather may be necessary.

Safe Transportation

The safe transportation of pupils is of the utmost importance to all of us. The key to the operation of a safe transportation system is three-fold:

  • The school district provides well-maintained vehicles, and trained professional drivers.
  • Passengers provide the driver with an atmosphere that will allow him/her to direct full attention to safe driving.
  • Driver provides passengers with a uniform and fair application of the rules established by the district for transportation services.

Bus drivers are trained and directed to provide a favorable atmosphere for all passengers. Passengers’ behavior is expected to promote this atmosphere by showing respect for others – fellow passengers, drivers, sponsors, motorists, residents and property owners.

School District transportation Schedule

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