Dolores School District Board of Education

Maegan Crowley President- (email:
Casey McClellan Vice President- (email:
Lori Raney Director- (email:
Lenetta Shull Treasurer- (email:
Clay Tallmadge Secretary- (email:

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Summary of Colorado Executive Session Laws

What does the School Board do?

While supporting the mission and vision of the district, the board does the

  • Makes and reviews policies for the school district, while observing state laws
    and regulations pertaining to public education.
  • Collaborates with the superintendent to develop the vision and mission for the
  • Adopts the budget that provides the financial basis for buildings, staff,
    materials and equipment which enable the district to carry out the educational
    program. This includes oversight of all district funds.
  • Acquires reliable information to enable it to make the best possible decisions
    about the scope and nature of the educational programming.
  • Provides policy for effective management of complaints.
  • Provides adequate and direct means to communicate with the public about
    district plans and needs.
  • Supports decisions made by the majority of the Board.

What does the School Board not do? 

  • They do not evaluate staff other than their employee, the Superintendent.
  • They do not manage day-to-day operations, they see to it that the system is
    well run by the professionals hired to do so.
  • They do not represent special interests or partisan politics.
  • They do not make decisions on items brought up during “Citizens Comments
    to the Board”; items that require action must be on the agenda prior to the

School Board Basics

  • Terms are 4 years and they are not paid positions. Board members spend on
    average anywhere from 3 – 6 hours/week reviewing documents and attending
  • Most board members have full-time jobs in addition to their volunteer work as
    a school board member.
  • Usually, board members are not educational professionals and they bring a
    variety of backgrounds and strengths to their work for the district.
  • The “learning curve” for members is steep and they dedicate much time in
    training to learn about school finance and district management.
  • Board members are an invaluable contributor to our students and to district

Work Sessions and Meetings

Board work sessions, meetings and public comment take place monthly on
the 2nd Tuesday of the month and community members and families are
encouraged to attend.  See the calendar and agendas for upcoming meeting
locations and topics. The agenda is posted at least one week in advance
(pending any unforeseeable change which must be made 24 hours in
advance) on the district website, at every district building and at the district

District Strategic Plan

We are guided by our strategic plan. This plan can be found on our website at