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Anti Bullying

The Safety of Our Students Is of the Utmost Importance

Any behavior that threatens the safety of our students will not be tolerated. Safe School Violations will be directed to the principals and handled with immediacy. Safe School violations (See all JICDE Board Policies) are defined as any behavior that threatens the general safety and welfare of the district, its students or staff.

More specifically any behavior that:

  • causes physical harm
  • damages property
  • is of a sexual nature or
  • is proven to be bullying

Pediatric Mental Health Symptoms Checklist

Dear Little Bear Parents and Guardians,

We know your child’s mental health, just like their physical health, is your responsibility. But just as the schools will help you screen for Hearing and Vision, it is only logical that we should help you screen for any mental health issues. REMEMBER . . . THIS IS FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY. Please do not send it back to the school.

You can also use this as a springboard for discussions with your child’s doctor. A screener can help you know if troubling symptoms are fleeting, or something that might need more targeted attention. Remember however that Screeners are not a diagnostic tool, but they will give you an accurate indication that your child might be suffering from neurological over or under activity that is beyond their control. As collaborators and partners in the interest of your whole child’s wellness, we know their mental health and well being is of crucial importance. Indeed, research never ceases to prove that early intervention is our best bet at prevention. And this, despite CoVid, is such a hopeful time. Mental and physical health are being integrated, and consequently stigmas are melting away. New and more effective treatments are coming available every year, many of them non-pharmaceutical in nature.

This screener is to do on your own (See scoring instructions at the end of the screener). Just as with the vision and hearing screenings, this information will merely tell you what symptoms are red flags and in need of further attention. For most of you, it will put your mind at ease. For approximately 20% of you, however, it might be important information that will help you address your child’s concerning feelings or behaviors. You could make it a matter of further study and again, should you choose, you could discuss it with your child’s pediatrician.


Jenn Gaddis, School Nurse
Susan Miller, Elementary School Counselor
Amanda Higgins, Secondary School Counselor
Caitlin West, Secondary School Counselor

Symptom Checklist

Grief Counseling and Resources


National Alliance for Grieving Children

The Dougy Center


The Grief Center of Southwest Colorado
281 Gulch Road Durango, CO 81303
(970) 764-7142

Local Mental Health Resources

Pediatricians can give mental health screeners and sometimes evaluate. They are a great place to start. If they think it is warranted, they will refer you out. They can help you find a provider covered by your insurance. Also if it is an emergency: Any Hospital Emergency Room *Can do Suicide Evaluations

Axis Integrated Health (Axis is the largest provider of mental health services in the area.)

press 1 if you need the crisis line
691 East Empire
M-Th 8-6
Fri 8-5
24/7 Axis Crisis Line 970-247-5245 *Can do Suicide Evaluations

Axis Walk in Clinic – *Can do Suicide Evaluations>
(in Emergency can get a 30 day fee waiver – Then it’s a sliding fee. Need 2 paystubs)

4 Corners Youth Clinic(*Can do Suicide Evaluations)
This is the clinic right next to the school. They can have students pulled from class and walked over to the clinic. They will also work with the parents financially. They have a Nurse Practitioner and 2 very good therapists: Patricia Nielson and Eli Cover. But their hours are limited to school hours.

M-Th 8 – 4:30

Positive Behavioral Services of the Four Corners
ABA Therapy for Children on the Autism Spectrum
23 Beech St. B 102
Cortez, CO  81321

Russ Patten LPC
321 E. North St.
Cortez, CO  81321

Tres Rios Wellness Counseling
Durango or  Farmington
EMDR (Trauma Therapy) Specialists


  • Please call 911 if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency.
  • Axis Crisis Line 970-247-5245 24/7
  • Safe2Tell Colorado 1-877-542-7233 Safe2Tell provides students, parents and community members with the only anonymous way to report unsafe and risky behaviors in youth from anywhere – 24/7, FREE

Hotlines/ Online Resources


  • Please call 911 if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency.
  • Axis Crisis Line 970-247-5245 24/7
  • Safe2Tell Colorado 1-877-542-7233 Safe2Tell provides students, parents and community members with the only anonymous way to report unsafe and risky behaviors in youth from anywhere – 24/7, FREE


  • COLORADO CRISIS SERVICES: 844.493.2555, Colorado

Start by calling here – if you don’t know where to begin getting help with a mental health, substance use or emotional concern for yourself or someone you know. Colorado Crisis Services provides confidential and immediate support – 24/7, FREE


Colorado Crisis Services will put you in immediate contact with a trained counselor ready to text< with you about anything –24/7, FREE

  • TEXT “HOME” TO 741741 The Crisis Text Line, will connect you with a Crisis Counselor—a real-life human being trained to bring texters from a hot moment to a cool calm moment through active listening and collaborative problem solving. . (If you text this line, the first 2 responses are automated. Stick with it—you will get a real human after that.) – 24/7, FREE
  • NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE: 800.273.8255, Nationwide. Call to receive confidential support and resources for you or your loved ones – 24/7, FREE
  • THE TREVOR PROJECT: 1.866.488.7386, Nationwide Provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and any other (LGBTQ+) young people ages 13-24 – 24/7, FREE
  • NATIONAL VETERANS CRISIS LINE: 800.273.8255, Press 1 Veterans Crisis Line offers caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves. Confidential. Services all veterans, service members, National Guard and Reserve, their family members, and friends – 24/7, FREE
  • NATIONAL EATING DISORDER HELPLINE: 800.931.2237 Contact the Helpline for support, resources and treatment options for yourself or a loved one. Helpline volunteers are trained to help you find the information and support you are looking for – Available Monday-Thursday: 7AM to 7PM, Friday: 7AM to 3PM MST, FREE 


Economic Resources

Community Support Groups (Click the link at the bottom for more details)

  • Pinon Project Family Center
  • Montezuma County Social Services
  • Casa of the Four Corners Inc
  • Montezuma County Partners
  • Good Samaritan Cortez
  • Volunteers of America
  • Montezuma Food Coalition
  • Oak Tree Youth Resources
  • Montezuma Youth Pride
  • Montezuma Youth Alliance
  • Hope’s Kitchen
  • Evangel Assembly of God Church
  • TFAP (Emergency Food Program
  • Grace’s Soup Kitchen
  • Mancos Food Share
  • Mancos United
  • Montezuma County Housing Authority
More Details

Info on Common MH Disorders


Information on Common Childhood Mental Health Disorders

Children have similar but somewhat lower rates of mental health disorders than adults.  This is evidence that we have an opportunity for prevention.  If your child is struggling at school or at home, if you have tried everything you know to no avail, and they are not responding to what logically should work, then you might want to consider that they could be suffering from a neurologically based mental health disorder.  We encourage parents to study all they can about their child’s behavior to eliminate this as a possibility.  If the possibility ends up being a reality, then early intervention is always the best option.  But you will want to know what the best interventions for your child are.  We will support your decisions.  

Here are some reputable links that will get you started learning all you can.  Feel free to contact your school counselor for help and support within the school setting:  

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Child Mind Institute

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

National Institute of Mental Health