About Dolores School District

Many parents have chosen Dolores School District because of the smaller class sizes, excellent performance of students, and quality of teachers. Other factors, including the smaller community environment, also appeal to parents in the area. It is important to note that 31.4% of the current enrollment comes from surrounding areas.

The District currently has a state performance ranking of “accredited.” The Secondary School won the “Governor’s Distinguished Award” in 2019 for demonstrating such tremendous growth in assessments and participation. From 2014 to 2017, parents were not pleased with the state changes in assessments and standards, and were opting their students out of the assessments. This caused a decline in the ranking unfortunately. This was not due to student performance which remains above any national norms on all other assessments. Dolores is one of the higher-performing districts in the region.

The Dolores School District RE-4A has served the Dolores area since 1930. The schools are currently located within the Town of Dolores but the District’s boundaries extend well into Montezuma County. Dolores School District has a vibrant preschool program that began in 1985 and continues to see yearly increases.

The Teddy Bear Preschool has attained NAEYC Accreditation, a national accreditation that only 3% of the preschools in the nation have attained. This accreditation is the mark of excellence and quality in early childhood education. Teddy Bear Preschool is a collaborative preschool that offers Head Start, Colorado Preschool Program and tuition. The preschool is currently out of space and operates on a consistent waiting list.

The Elementary School is the largest of the three schools with three cohorts of students at every grade level and continual growth. The Elementary School staff are trained in Project-Based Learning methods and implement this with fidelity in grades 3-6. Assessments have proven that the foundational programs used in the lower elementary grade levels to be very successful. The staff and administration are committed to supporting the Secondary School (7th-12th grade) that has continually endeavored to keep abreast of student needs. Dolores School District has been a school of choice for many in the Montezuma County.