Kevin Vaughn

K-5 Art

Kevin Vaughn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and then he moved around in his early years, living in both Delaware and Louisiana. He received a BS in Art from the University of Delaware and has an MEd in “Cultural, Critical and Curricular Studies of Education” from the University of Utah. Kevin came late in life to his life in education having spent ten years in F&B management before making the leap. His career now spans over a quarter of a century in three different states: Arizona, Oregon and Colorado. His rather varied experiences across grade levels include being a classroom teacher (3rd, 5th, 5/6th grades), a middle school teacher (6th, 7th, 8th), a librarian/GT Coordinator, and he even established an ESL program while teaching in a migrant community in Oregon. Currently he finds himself as the full time elementary art teacher. His most recent accomplishments include being the introductory speaker for CEI’s “Sparking Curiosity” summer workshop in 2016 and being one of the inaugural members of the CDE’s “Commissioner’s Teacher Cabinet” on which he has served three consecutive years. Kevin is very proud of all the accomplishments he has had over the years, but he’s mostly filled with pride when recounting the number of students he has watched succeed in his classrooms.