Juan Vega

Technology Instructional Specialist

Juan Vega was born and raised in south Texas and crossed the Red River to attend the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his B.B.A. in Management Information Systems. After graduating, he immediately began working for SBC Communications Inc. (who later purchased AT&T) in San Antonio, Texas.  While working for SBC,  Juan gained valuable industry experience in telecommunications.  He later went on to be the network manager at a health clinic in Northern California. His next stop was here in southwestern Colorado, holding the position of Executive Vice President of Daily Operations and Logistics for his household, or more commonly known as a stay at home dad. In the Spring of 2015, he joined the Teddy Bear Preschool team as a paraprofessional.  Then, in the Fall of 2016, he began teaching technology at Dolores Elementary School. Juan is so excited about teaching all students from kindergarten to middle school. He loves teaching technology not only for academics but also for real-world applications.