The Dolores School District RE-4A Board met on December 10 for their regular meeting. The meeting began with a 5:30 work session where Superintendent Richard provided an overview of the process the district and specific schools use to analyze student data and achievement. Following the work session, the board was diligent to handle their business. The following was addressed at the meeting:

  • In the board member reports, Dr. Kay Phelps reported on items from the San Juan BOCES board meetings in which she is now the board representative. She provided an update on their changes and supports that influence the district. Lenetta Shull gave a brief update of some of the decisions by local officials in regard to COVID-19 and our county,.
  • Doreen Jones, Finance Director presented the November finance report. The district had a very healthy month and finished the month well.
  • Superintendent Richard presented several items to the board. She emphasized the increase in enrollment since October count and the amazing work of the district staff during this time of flexible learning options. She also addressed one of the strategic goals set by the board and reported on the progress so far.
  • The board allocated $130,000.00 for repairs on our facilities. Superintendent Richard gave a monthly report on the many repairs completed.
  • Our District Accountability Committee Chairperson, Staci Cost, addressed some of the work of the DAC. They are working to see that district policies are in line with each other and the state laws regarding DAC.
  • Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Alesa Reed reported on the the student assessment results for the fall of this year. Results included NWEA Maps, DIBELS reading, and SAT assessment.
  • The board approved the resolution to certify the mill levy certification in order to provide it to Montezuma County.
  • A highlight of the board meeting was the approval of a bonus for all employees in the district. The board was very gracious and generous to the employees providing equal bonuses to every employee. This was made possible by an additional amount that would be carryover funds into the general fund. The board used about 30% of the carryover amount and put it to the employees. This was an expression of their gratitude for the extra time, risk, and dedication given to keep our district meeting the needs of the students.

For a more detailed report of the meeting, please watch for the minutes on the website. These will be posted once they are approved in the January meeting.