August 19, 2021

Hi Elementary Parents,

We know that at any time we could potentially have a positive case of Covid in the building, and I want to reassure you that we will always do our best to keep you posted on any confirmed cases and whether or not anyone needs to be quarantined. 

The Montezuma County Health Department made it very clear this week that not only would a person who tests positive be quarantined, but all those in close contact would also be quarantined unless they were masked and/or vaccinated. Close contact means that you were within 6 feet and exposed to the person for more than 15 minutes without a mask.

In light of this clarification, our Elementary Team will continue with our safety protocols in order to prevent large numbers of quarantines. Our current practices  include the following:

  • Cohorting by classes when indoors, keeping classes separated in the cafeteria by 6 feet, and separating students from other classes by at least a 6 foot distance if in the same room.
  • Keep classes separated as much as possible outdoors. They do mix in the mornings but not for more than 15 minutes straight.
  • Recommend that everyone wear masks (but not require them).
  • Sanitize or wash hands when entering and exiting classrooms and buildings.
  • Sanitize surfaces in between classes for shared classrooms .
  • Sanitize any shared supplies in-between usage.
  • Social distance as much as possible when in lines.
  • Allow only pre-packaged food to be provided for students; not home-made.
  • Turn off water fountains and ask parents to send reusable water bottles for students to use.
  • Provide daily electro-magnetic disinfectant spraying at night.
  • Provide Google Classroom assignments and video streaming for students who are quarantined. 
  • Only allow school staff members into the building.
  • Ask parents to remain in their vehicles for drop off and pick up. Dismissal time has already been greatly reduced from 15-20 minutes last year to only 10 minutes this year. Thank you for your usage of the “Hug and Go” lane and for helping us keep children safer!

I’ll keep  you posted as we get information and/or need to make changes. We love all of our Little Bears and will do our best to keep you all healthy and safe with as much in-person learning as possible! Please reach out anytime with questions, suggestions, and concerns. Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Lurleen McCormick
Dolores Elementary School Principal
970-882-4688 (Office) 
970-369-9544 (Cell/Texts)