Dear Little Bear Parents/Guardians,
The following information should help you start this school year:

If planning on children riding the bus, please call or email your needs to 970-882-2649.
You will need to include

  • Student Name:
  • Grade:
  • If they rode the bus last year, the name of the route:
  • Contact person: First and Last Name
  • Contact person phone number: land & mobil if available
  • Complete Address:

Open House:
Please attend our Open House Thursday, August 11, from 1 – 6 at Dolores Elementary. This is a great way to meet your child’s teachers, and your involvement makes a big difference in the success your child will have in school.
You will get introduced to the expectations and better understand how you can help your child succeed. You will begin a positive and constructive relationship with the teacher and understand how they plan to educate your child.

Class Supply Lists:
Class supply lists can be found on the school website or are available at the elementary school office. Help your child get off to a good start.