High School: *IMPORTANT* PSAT/SAT Testing Announcement

*IMPORTANT* PSAT/SAT Testing Announcement

* PSAT and SAT testing will take place on Tuesday, April 13th at 8:00am. Please do not be late. If students are late they will not be able to join the test session and there will be no makeup sessions this year.
*We want to emphasize the importance of these assessments because they are used in many important ways, including: college admission, scholarship awards, and they can be used to satisfy the Colorado graduation requirement that students must demonstrate college and career readiness. In addition, the information that the school receives from PSAT/SAT testing is utilized to rate school performance and to provide the school with actionable data that helps it to improve. Please encourage your student(s) to be present for the testing and to give their best effort.
* Please leave all electronic equipment, including cell phones, in vehicles or lockers as they are not allowed in the testing environment.
* Seniors do not come to school until after lunch (6th Period).

Justin Schmitt 

Principal Dolores Secondary School