Dear Parents and Guardians of Little Bears,

I am honored to introduce myself as the new principal at Dolores Elementary School. I am excited to join a staff of educators desiring to provide quality education for the students in our community. I am additionally eager to meet and get to know each of you.

I have over 34 years experience in education as a teacher, administrator, and most recently as an assistant professor helping prepare teachers and administrators for careers in education. I have a beautiful wife, Catherine, of 33 years and three children who have each taken wings into their own lives.

I am committed to working with the teachers to guide your children toward improved academic performance. The Core Knowledge Curriculum, quality reading, writing, mathematics, the best overall education, and a safe education environment are common commitments from the staff at Dolores Elementary.

Over the course of the upcoming school year, I want to get to know each of you. I prefer in-person meetings over emails or even phone messages. As the opportunity presents itself, please say “hi” and introduce yourself or, if preferred, call the school and arrange to meet with me. I want to encourage you to take the same approach with your child’s teacher as well. I know, as educators, we all want to help your child succeed. The best way to ensure this is for you to work in a cooperative effort with your teacher, knowing and supporting their expectations, and bringing concerns directly to their attention. This will help us serve you.

Again, I am excited for the upcoming year and am dedicated to helping you see your children benefit from a quality education at Dolores Elementary School. The teachers and I are looking forward to seeing you at the Dolores Elementary Back to School Open House on Thursday, August 11th, which runs from 1 until 6.

David Thornton, PhD