Parents of DHS students-

Our high school leadership team, in collaboration with the rest of the staff, has been working over the past few months to plan and organize programming to increase school spirit at Dolores High School. We have created six “Survivor Groups” that have divided as equally as possible and are each led by a teacher team of 3 teachers. These groups will compete with each other throughout the rest of the school year through various challenges and competitions. Winners will be awarded points. Points will also be awarded for academic performance, extra-curricular performance, participation and attendance at school sponsored events, etc. Periodically throughout the year teams will earn rewards for having the most points for the week or the month. These challenge days will take place every other Wednesday between 4th hour and lunch.

On alternating Wednesdays, the days that we don’t have team challenges, we will have reward days for all high school students who are in good standing in the following three areas – Academics, Behavior, and Attendance. On these days, students who have all C’s or above in their classes, have not had a major disciplinary referral, and who have not had any unexcused absences for the  two weeks prior to the reward day will be rewarded with an extended lunch. Students who do not meet this criteria will stay on campus during the extended portion of their lunch in order to work on missing school work or get extra help from teachers.

Tomorrow will be our first reward day for the year, and because it is our first reward day, all students will be permitted to have an extended lunch (approximately 30 minutes longer than usual). One our next reward day we will implement the above mentioned criteria. To reiterate, all students will have an extra long lunch tomorrow.

If you have any questions about our Survivor Group challenge days or our reward days (we will alternate back and forth between the two every other week), please reach out to me and I will try my best to answer them.

Best Regards,

Justin Schmitt
Dolores High School
Office: 970-882-7288
Cell: 970-403-5261