Hello Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are all having a fabulous year! There are a few things coming up in Music that I would like to share. First, we are having a “Dolores Bears Got Talent” competition during music classes Dec. 5th-8th. The students can audition by playing an instrument, singing a song, creating beats, or dancing to music as a soloist or in a group. If your child would like to bring an instrument from home, please make sure it is marked with their name. Please know that your child is responsible for the instrument. The instruments will be kept with the school instruments during the day. They will be signed into the room at the beginning of the day and out of the room at the end of the day. Please only bring the instrument on the day your child has music. I have keyboards and xylophones available if they wish to play one of those.

In planning for Winter/Christmas DES students will be singing carols on Dec. 15th, the last day of school before break, during pick-up at the end of school. The plan is for all students (bus, walkers and those transported via vehicle) to sing two carols in the pick-up area prior to buses being loaded. Students will continue to carol to buses until they are loaded. Walkers are welcome to stay and carol as students are being picked up or they can leave after the first couple of songs. The students being picked up will continue to carol until everyone is gone.

I am very blessed to be working with Dolores Elementary’s very talented students.

This school is filled with amazing children who make the world shine!

Krista Draper
Music Teacher Dolores Elementary