Message from the Dolores School District Nutrition Department

Hello Bear Families!!
Another summer is winding down and, as usual, there are many questions about the forthcoming school year. I would like to address the questions that I can answer.
First, we will once again be offering FREE school meals to ALL enrolled students. This is being made possible through pandemic relief by the USDA and CDE.
I do need to request a little help from you though. The FREE meals are automatic. However, I need as many families as possible to complete an application for free meals. This statistical information helps the school district qualify for grants (private and state) to benefit our teachers, athletics and title programs. I am also working on qualifying as many families as I can for Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT). Qualifying with an application OR through the SNAP program will qualify your family for PEBT.
 The process is easy. Just create an account and submit your information to the website below.
For secondary students who would like to have money in their accounts for alacarte purchases, please use our online payment system below.
One final bit of good news. Recently I was approached by an organization who offered to pay off all of the past negative debts in the cafeteria. The Montezuma Democratic Party Headquarters has offered this financial relief to all of the school districts in the region, and I am grateful and happy to say that there is no debt left to pay to the Student Nutrition Department from families in the district. This is a  good way to start the school year.
I have NOT had a chance to generate any menus to start the year. Currently I have no equipment to work with due to ongoing  construction. It will take a few days to reassemble and test the various pieces after the construction is done so a menu will be forthcoming as soon as I have power and gas to work with. Sorry for this delay.😬
We are all excited to see your students roaming the halls again!!