November Board Meeting Highlights

The Dolores School Board met for their regular monthly meeting on November 12, 2020. The meeting was timely for the school board with county health concerns at the forefront of many minds.

On November 2, 2020, the school district received a letter from Dr. Kent Aikin representing the Montezuma Public County Health. The letter made recommendation for the district to consider moving to remote learning during the holiday season. It specifically suggested remote learning between Thanksgiving and winter break and two weeks after the New Year holiday. At the beginning of the meeting, the board welcomed and heard from many of the local health officials. Dr. Aikin and Bobbi Lock, Director of Montezuma County Public Health were both present along with several other county health workers. The board asked many questions of the invited guests.

The elementary school presented a five-minute video on many of the exciting activities and events they have enjoyed since school started. Principal McCormick praised her staff for their hard work and accomplishments thus far in the school year.

The presentation was followed by citizen’s comments. Board secretary, Clay Tallmadge read 22 citizen’s comments and many others were given in person. There was an additional number that were sent directly through the “Talk to the Board” tab on the website that were not read aloud. Heartfelt comments were shared by many parents.

Monthly reports were given by members including a legislative report from Treasurer Lenetta Shull and a BOCES board report from Dr. Kay Phelps. Doreen Jones reported on the financial state of the district providing the end-of-month balances for October, 2020. Superintendent Richard reported on Governor Polis’s Team report to superintendents, updated the board on the restructuring in the secondary and shared the current adjustments the administrative team is making due to her accident and recent surgery. As Superintendent Richard recovers, she will be working remotely with her staff.

The board revisited their strategic plan and discussed progress and needs. The old business also included a facility report providing updates on needed repair to the facility. Mrs. Jones, Finance Director provided a requested cost analysis on the secondary school restructuring. Details can be found in the minutes which will be approved in the December regular meeting.

The new business in the meeting addressed the response to the Montezuma County Public Health letter from Dr. Kent Aikin. After one failed motion, the board passed a motion to support in person, remote learning, and a hybrid model in order to meet the needs of all of the students. They also directed the superintendent to present the plans at a called special meeting on Tuesday, November 17, at 6:00 p.m. Due to the length of the meeting, many other new business items were moved to the next regular meeting in December.

Once the minutes are approved, more details of the meeting can be found online at: