To: Parents of Dolores High School Students
From: Ed Miller, Coach and Sponsor
Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce the creation of the Dolores High School Debate Society! The
club will work in conjunction with the elective Debate high school course. Students are not
required to take the class to be a member in the club. Thanks to our superintendent, Dr. Reece
Blincoe, we obtained district financial support for tournament competition for three meets. We
are working closely with Coach Curtis Garver, the district athletic director, to coordinate
our debate tournament schedule with district events. Mr. Schmitt has been immensely supportive
of the formation of the debate program this year.
I am sure you would agree with me that participation in debate provides students with
public speaking experience, self-confidence, organization skills, and these skills benefit any
student (both college-bound and non-college). For students planning to attend college, these
skills are invaluable for their success, not to mention “debate” looks great on college applications.
Some of our students believe the above skills are also helpful in getting a date. Who knew?
If your student might be interested in joining the program, the Dolores Debate Society
meets at lunch on Thursdays in Room H8. Parental support is essential to a strong debate
program. We invite you to attend an organizational meeting on September 12, at 5:30 p.m. in the
school library. Let me assure you that the meeting will not be long. Go Bears!
If you have any questions please contact Ed Miller (