Rob Mellott Memorial Tribute

Dolores Schools and the Dolores and Dove Creek Communities suffered a great loss on Monday, November 23, 2020 when Rob Mellott passed away. Mr. Mellott was a good man who touched the lives of many people over the years as a teacher and as a coach. He cared for his students and his students cared for him.  But he was much more than that. He was a family man, a friend, a mentor, and a veteran. He gave much of himself in service of our country and service to our community.

Laurie Arnett is compiling a lasting tribute to Rob Mellot to present to his wife Carol in the form of a binder of individual letters and notes from current and former students, staff and community members. If you would like to contribute please email Laurie Arnett with your letter/note. Her email address is

Thank you

Laurie Arnett
Dolores School District