Dear Parents –

We are writing to you today because we need your assistance. Throughout football and volleyball season and the first part of middle school basketball season we have had a problem with students coming to home games but not actually watching the games. Students are coming to the school, but instead of watching the games, they try to get into the auxiliary gym to play, play in the breezeway between buildings, play at the playgrounds, or climb on the roof of the school. These are unsupervised areas and students are not permitted to be in these areas without supervision. We have staff working the games, but we are NOT staffed to supervise all of these areas.

While we love for kids to attend the events that we hold at the school, we cannot be responsible for them if they are roaming around campus. This creates a liability risk for the district that we cannot take. From this point forward if students choose to attend games and other events that are taking place at the school they will be required to stay in the stands or in the concession area. If they try to get into any of these other unsupervised areas they will be sent home. Please assist us in our efforts by requiring your children to stay within the areas we have designated for spectators.

Thank you,

Dolores Schools Administration