Dolores Families –

At this time we would like to provide you with an update on the situation that caused Dolores Secondary to enter into a HOLD this morning.

Mid-morning our secondary administration was notified that a student had a gun in their possession at school. We discovered that it was a pellet gun after the following series of events: The school immediately went into a HOLD and the student was removed from the classroom. After thoroughly searching the student and the student’s locker and bag no gun was found. The student was not allowed to stay on campus and was sent home with an adult family member. The administration continued its investigation and determined that there was in fact a pellet gun on campus and that it had been passed to another student before it was recovered by the School Resource Officer. While the gun that was confiscated turned out to be a pellet gun, it still presented a real danger to students and staff, and its possession on school grounds was a clear violation of district policy and state and federal law. Schools have clear guidelines and procedures when an incident like this occurs. We will follow policies JKD/JKE as determined by state law to finalize this situation.