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Students and parents are encouraged to seek out other scholarship opportunities beyond the listings on this page, as this is not a comprehensive list of available scholarships.


Caitlin West
Academic Advisor
Dolores Secondary School
Office: 970-882-7288

Submit a Scholarship

If you would like to submit a local scholarship for inclusion on this page please email Caitlin West with details.

Local Scholarships

  • 3/31/2022 Pueblo Community College
  • 3/31/2022 Folds of Honor
  • 3/31/2022 Points Scholarship
  • 3/31/2022 USPAACC Scholarships
  • 3/31/2022 Nitro Scholarship
  • 3/31/2022 Colorado Water Well Contractors Association
  • 3/31/2022 Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship
  • 4/1/2022 PEO Chapter EV Scholarship
  • 4/1/2022 Leonard Cain Scholarship
  • 4/1/2022 Deer Hill Expeditions
  • 4/1/2022 Women in STEM Scholarship
  • 4/1/2022 HE Parts Express Scholarship
  • 4/1/2022 The Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship Fund
  • 4/1/2022 Tri-City Soccer Association Academic College Scholarship
  • 4/1/2022 AFA Teens Awareness College Scholarship
  • 4/4/2022 Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship
  • 4/15/2022 Dean Hanson Scholarship
  • 4/15/2022 Intertech Foundation STEP Scholarship
  • 4/15/2022 Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
  • 4/15/2022 Donald K. Majors Carol L. Majors Memorial Scholarship
  • 4/16/2022 Frances Loretta Memorial
  • 4/16/2022 Dolores State Bank Scholarship
  • 5/1/2022 ASHRAE High School Senior
  • 5/1/2022 Society of Mayflower Descendants In the State of Colorado
  • 5/31/2022 Rise Up Baking Scholarship
  • 5/31/2022 Equal Justice Scholarship
  • 6/30/2022 American Ground Water Trust College Scholarships
Local Scholarship Details

Regional Scholarships

National Scholarships

  • 3/31/2022 “No Sweat” Scholarship
  • 3/31/2022 Sparkling Ice Flavorful Futures
  • 3/31/2022 Build Dakota Scholarship Fund
  • 4/4/2022 Trinidad State College
  • 4/9/2022 Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College Programs
  • 4/15/2022 The Kit Faragher Foundation
  • 4/15/2022 Bill of Rights Institute
  • 9/1/2022 Florin Roebig
  • Changes Student Scholarship
  • Fall 2022 Clarkson College
National Scholarship Details

Best Scholarship Search Engines

What Are Scholarship Search Engines?

One of the best ways to find scholarships is through scholarship search engines. These websites offer access to millions of scholarships to help you pay for your education. Here are some of the best scholarship websites to start with.

College scholarship search engines, sometimes called scholarship finders, are databases that college students can use to find scholarships and grants. This helps students afford tuition without needing to rely on student loans.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to find scholarships based on your financial need, merits, community service, heritage, gender, orientation and life experience. Some also benefit students who engage in unique hobbies, like duck calling.

9 Best College Scholarship Search Engines

College students can get access to millions of scholarships at their fingertips. Accordng to Bankrate, here are some of the best scholarship websites to assist you in your search:

Other Scholarship Resources

College Classes as a High School Student

As we begin scheduling for the coming school year, we would like to provide you with some additional resources for students who are interested in concurrent enrollment.

Please note that…

  • All students interested in concurrent enrollment must complete the DHS concurrent enrollment agreement form with a parent signature prior to enrollment/registration. You may pick up a form from the front office. Registration for fall has begun, so please return these as soon as possible.
  • Students must apply to the college offering the concurrent enrollment course they wish to take. Once the application is completed, we can begin course registration.
  • The DHS concurrent enrollment agreement form states that the student must apply for the COF (Colorado Opportunity Fund). This is actually completed as part of the application process with the institution to which you apply.

Helpful Links

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We look forward to a great 2023-2024 school year with you at DHS!

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