Dolores School District Guidance Counselor and Scholarship Page

Students and parents are encouraged to seek out other scholarship opportunities beyond the listings on this page, as this is not a comprehensive list of available scholarships.

If you would like to submit a local scholarship for inclusion on this page please email Stacy Gebhart with details.


Scholarships & Guidance Counselor

Local Scholarships

3/31/2022 Pueblo Community College
3/31/2022 Folds of Honor
3/31/2022 Points Scholarship
3/31/2022 USPAACC Scholarships
3/31/2022 Nitro Scholarship
3/31/2022 Colorado Water Well Contractors Association
3/31/2022 Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship
4/1/2022 PEO Chapter EV Scholarship
4/1/2022 Leonard Cain Scholarship
4/1/2022 Deer Hill Expeditions
4/1/2022 Women in STEM Scholarship
4/1/2022 HE Parts Express Scholarship
4/1/2022 The Bill and Peg Rees Scholarship Fund
4/1/2022 Tri-City Soccer Association Academic College Scholarship
4/1/2022 AFA Teens Awareness College Scholarship
4/4/2022 Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship
4/15/2022 Dean Hanson Scholarship
4/15/2022 Intertech Foundation STEP Scholarship
4/15/2022 Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
4/15/2022 Donald K. Majors Carol L. Majors Memorial Scholarship
4/16/2022 Frances Loretta Memorial
4/16/2022 Dolores State Bank Scholarship
5/1/2022 ASHRAE High School Senior
5/1/2022 Society of Mayflower Descendants In the State of Colorado
5/31/2022 Rise Up Baking Scholarship
5/31/2022 Equal Justice Scholarship
6/30/2022 American Ground Water Trust College Scholarships

Local Scholarship Details

Summer Credit recovery options and Fall PCC Friday schedules:

CDLS Summer 2022 Course List

PCC FRIDAY ACADEMY Schedule Fall 2022


National Scholarships

3/31/2022 “No Sweat” Scholarship
3/31/2022 Sparkling Ice Flavorful Futures
3/31/2022 Build Dakota Scholarship Fund
4/4/2022 Trinidad State College
4/9/2022 Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College Programs
4/15/2022 The Kit Faragher Foundation
4/15/2022 Bill of Rights Institute
9/1/2022 Florin Roebig
Changes Student Scholarship
Fall 2022 Clarkson College

National Scholarship Details

Update: 3/21/2021

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