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Everyone Can Benefit from Speaking with the Counselor

By now, you likely have a go-to coping mechanism for when stress, anxiety and problems arise in your life. Hopefully your coping skills are on the healthy side of the spectrum, such as: seeking comfort from the ones you love, getting those endorphins flowing with some exercise, writing in a journal, or meditating.  No matter what you do to deal with stress, everyone can use a little extra support in handling life’s challenges – and one way to get it is through talking with the school counselor.

When social distancing, staying at home and remote learning has become the new “norm”, adjusting can pose challenges, increase anxiety and stress. I am here to help!

The Counselor’s Corner: I will provide additional articles, resources and coping strategies; in the meantime please check out the articles above and below.

I am looking forward to checking in with you!

Together, we will get through this and we will be stronger than before.

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