COVID Protocols

School Year 2021-2022

It is the goal for the 2021-2022 school year that the Dolores School District will operate with in-person learning. The previous year required an emergency response to the pandemic that resulted in periodic disrupted in-person learning. With the information and experience from the previous year, the availability of vaccinations, consultation from our local public health and medical providers, and the purpose of prioritizing academic learning and thinking skills of our students; in-person learning is not only possible but essential to the overall well-being of our students, staff, and community. Policy ADD addresses the district’s obligation of keeping students safe. Policy ADF establishes a Wellness Committee for management and oversight of the policy and establishes goals and objectives.

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Dolores Wellness Response Protocol (Reentry Plan)
LEA ESSER III Narrative (LEA Use of Funds Plan)

Teddy Bear and Elementary Quarantine Flow Chart (updated: 1/3/2022)
Secondary Quarantine Protocol Flow Chart (updated: 1/3/2022)
District Quarantine Protocol Details (updated: 1/3/2022)

Current COVID Protocol Color by School

Teddy Bear PK

(updated: 1/26/2022)

Phone: 970-882-7277

Dolores Elementary

(updated: 1/26/2022)

Phone: 970-882-4688

Dolores HS/MS

(updated: 1/26/2022)

Phone: 970-882-7288

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