What is a community?

What is a community?  Is it simply a group of people that live in the same area or vicinity? Is it a city or a county?  I don’t believe so!;

A community is a group of people that look out for one another.  They work through tough issues for the good of the community.  They vote on issues to try and determine what’s in the best interest for all.  They grow (or shrink) their area together through decisions made.  A community volunteers for one another: they fill sandbags and shovel snow together, they keep an eye out for each other’s kids and dogs!

Most of all, Communities care for and love one another.  They are there in good times and bad.  And they lift up and support those that are in need.

As most of you know by now, we recently lost a member of our school community and our larger community.  It was a true tragedy and one that we are still trying to overcome.  While my heart is heavy for the family and all of those grieving, I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for this family.  Not only has Dolores come together for support, others in Mancos, Cortez, Dove Creek, and other close communities have reached out and made significant donations to help.  The support and love has been staggering and brings a tear to my eye just as this tragedy did.

The words “Thank you” do not do my gratitude justice. My pride swells for the “community” that has been shown these past two weeks!

Reece Blincoe
Superintendent Dolores School District