Section I contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the instructional program; basic curricular subjects; special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.
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IC-ICA School Year Calendar
IE Organization of Instruction
IG Cirriculum Development
IGA Cirriculum Development Procedures
IHA Basic Instructional Program
IHACA Law Related Education
IHAI Vocational Technical Education
IHAIA Work Experience Opportunity
IHAK Character Education
IHAM Health & Family Life/Sex Education
IHAM-R Health & Family Life/Sex Education (Exemption Procedure)
IHAMA Teaching about Drugs, Alchohol & Tobacco
IHBA Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities
IHBB Gifted Education
IHBC Programs For At-risk Students
IHBD Equivalence of Services
IHBEA English Language Learners
IHBF Homebound Instruction
IHBG Home Schooling
IHBIB Primary/Preprimary Education
IHBIB-R Primary/Preprimary Education (Admission of Children Who Wish to Enroll on Tuition Basis)
IHBK Preparation for Postseconary & Workforce Success
IHBK-R Preparation for Postsecondary & Workforce Success (Implementation Plan)
IHC Supplementary Services
IHCDA Concurrent Enrollment
IHCDA_R Concurrent Enrollment
IIB Class Size
III Independent Study
III-R Independent Study
IJ Instructional Resources & Materials
IJNDAB Instruction through Online Courses
IJOA Field Trips
IJOA-E-1 Field/Activities/Athletic Trip Procedures
IJOA-E-2 Field Trips Student Transportation in Private Vehicles (Memoradum of Understanding)
IJOA-R Field Trips
IJOC School Volunteers
IK Academic Achievement
IKA Grading/Assessment Systems
IKA-E Parent Request for Exemption From State Assessments 2016-2017
IKA-R Grading/Assessment Systems (Exemption Procedure & Information to Parents/Guardians
IKC-IKD-R Class Ranking/Grade Point Averages/ Honor Roll
IKE Promotion, Acceleration & Retention of students
IKE Ensuring All Students Meet Standards
IKE-R Promotion, Retention & Acceleration of Students (Elementary)
IKF Graduation Requirements
IKF-2 Graduation Requirements
IKFB Graduation Exercises
IKFBA Veterans Diploma Program
IKFBA-R Veterans Diploma Program
ILBC Early Literacy & Reading Comprehension (Colorado READ Act)
ILBC_R Early Literacy & Reading Comprehension (Procedures to Implement the CO READ Act)
IMB Teaching about Controversial Issues and Use of Controversial Materials
IMBB Exemptions from Required Instruction
IMDA Patriotic Exercises
IMDB Flag Displays